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Video Production Jacksonville FL

Event Videography at its Finest

With Limitless Digital Media, you will recieve high quality video production Jacksonville FL & event videography at its finest. Every video event or venue we travel to is always met with the same expectations of going above and beyond for each client to ensure they receive the proper media coverage whether it be an event, wedding, or celebration. All projects are met with professional microphones, cameras, lighting & any other equipment necessary. You will not regret choosing us for your needs.

Professional Videography Equipment

Video Camera

Video Cameras & Video Editing

All of our high quality video cameras we use are able to record in 1080p and have the ability to record in higher frame rates for slow motion capabilities. 4k footage will be coming soon to really amp up the quality of each video make with us. All videos are edited with the top Adobe Suite products to bring the best quality to your video or project.

Directional Microphone

Microphones & Audio

We use state of the art audio equipment and microphones to get the best possible audio for an interview or speech. We may use directional microphones to block out some sound that may disrupt a speaker. We can use clip on microphones and splitters if needed to get the best possible sound bytes from a specific individual for possible speech and interview purposes.

Professional Lighting

Lighting & Extra Equipment

All videos that are made in a studio like environment uses all professional lighting & kits necessary to make the footage look the best. We also have the ability to make green screen and drone footage to raise the level of creativity if needed for a specific video.

We will also edit footage that is sent to us on a per video basis. Call or text us at (702) 738-4995 or fill out the form below to discuss what you would like edited.

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