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We are a small company focusing on big ideas. Over the past few years, we've helped businesses and independent individuals find success at Dashing M. Brown Graphic Design and build the foundation for a successful future.

DMB Graphic Design, is a small but influential design company located in in the sunshine state of Florida in the wonderful city of Jacksonville. Our company draws inspiration from our client's imaginations and passion for their projects. We learn what make their projects important to them and we transfer that "Passion" into our creative designs. Whether it is products or services, we connect with our clients to achieve an outstanding project that they will love.

Graphic Design, Printing Services & Photography in Jacksonville, FL

Kamorie Dashing Jones

Full Throttle Service

Whether your company, small business, or individual project needs a new, refreshed logo design or an entire strategic branding campaign, DMB's experienced creative team will handle every aspect from initial strategy and design to execution and implementation. We create wondrous creative results.

Experience Is Key

We have 6 years combined experience and a team of talented designers. We have what it takes to get the job done, and done right. With many satisfied customers a successful brand created for our clients.

Our creative team is a small-handpicked set of creative professionals and future professionals in their field with the skill sets and industry experience, that can't be rivaled.


From Client-Focused to Project-Focused

We understand that every market calls for a tailored approach, so we do our homework and study your project inside and out. We would often take it to the streets to get the peoples reaction before we start creating. This is how we work and create.

If needed, we will kidnap members of your target market and interrogate them until we understand them perfectly. We ask only that you cover the insurance and legal costs that come with any illegal activity we are called on to do on your behalf.

We have a passionate and deeply rooted love with design. We will approach your project filled with excitement and imagination. We want your design to get noticed and get you excited. If you are not getting noticed then you haven't worked with us.

Media Printing

Unparalleled Project Management and Client Support

We pride ourselves on efficiency and attention to detail. We provide our clients a personalized and hands on approach to their projects. Our clients are an essential part of our team and we believe in continuous communication throughout the campaign and into any future endeavors.

We help businesses build strong brands through our creative process. Whether we are redefining an identity for a new company or broadening the scope of an existing one, we strive to create simple, efficient and long-term solutions.

"Welcome to the home of your future project, welcome to Dashing M. Brown Graphic Design."

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*Limitless Studios, LLC operates under DBA Limitless Digital Media and is an affiliated partner with Dashing M. Brown Graphic Design. Services related to professional photography, graphic design, and printing services will be handled by Dashing M. Graphic Design.